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We know how deflated you can feel when that nuisance mould appears in your bathroom, shower or wet room. This is mainly caused by moisture and poor ventilation.  Also, organic deposits in the form of body care products which are used are also the problem such as shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and also scurf (skin).

Primary Attack
The mould initially grows in the organic deposits on the surface of the sealant
Secondary Attack
After a while the mould starts to grow into the sealant
Prevention requires circulation & ventilation

Windows should be opened fully during and after having a bath or shower.  This can also depend on the time of year on how long you need ventilation.   For example, in the summer months you would need to leave your windows open longer for at least 30 minutes and in the winter months for at least 15 minutes.

Bathroom Tiler recommends to rinse the silicone joints briefly with the shower after using your bath/shower and to dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

A pH neutral cleaning agent should preferably be used for the regular cleaning work of your bathroom.

Acid cleaning agents are less suitable because mould multiplies in an acid environment.  It is also recommended to clean the silicone joints once a week with a disinfectant sanitary cleaner.

As a preventative measure every 1 – 2 months use an Anti Mould spray on your silicone joints.

If you require any further guidance please to not hesitate to contact us at Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited

…happy cleaning !

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A Guide to Tiling in Victorian Style

Opulence, romance and excess; these are the main features of the Victorian style that has long been a favourite of designers and DIYers looking to add a dash of class to their interior spaces. Today it remains as popular as ever, and there’s even something of a revival movement going on, combining the style’s characteristic opulence with some of the minimalism of more modern designs.

Tiling on both the wall and floor has long been a hallmark of the Victorian tradition, with elaborate patterned tiles being used to create alluring feature sections, or brightly-coloured flooring helping to produce the style’s characteristic flamboyance. It’s something that tends to sit well with the utilitarian nature of Victorianism too; easy to clean and simple to maintain.

In the hallway, black and white checked patterns have proved to be a favourite classic with many homeowners looking to imitate the traditional Victorian look, while interwoven designs and the simpler red quarry ranges are also a popular choice. Victorian hallway tiles have also been favoured for their durable nature and ease of maintenance, providing homeowners – both modern and Victorian – with an easy-to-clean surface that lasts once it’s down.

Decorative borders and patterned tiles are also used in the kitchen and bathroom, and are becoming a mainstream choice for splash backs and feature sections. If you’re thinking about emulating the Victorian style in this way, consider opting for a porcelain range, which will generally offer more water resistance than ceramic tiles, making it better suited to high-traffic and consistently wet areas.

Today there are a great number of classic buildings across the UK that stand as testimony to the enduring character of the Victorian style, its distinct architectural nuances and interior design charm. In London for example, the St. Pancras railway station oozes with gothic revivalism from the 1860s, while the tiled interior of Manchester’s Great Town Hall still rings of both elegance and utilitarianism; a wonder for any modern Manchester tiler to behold!

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Andy Carroll & Son was asked to provide a quotation to put right another tradesman`s work – this is what we were faced with

I felt really sorry for the customer and felt I should share this and take my hat off to the “plasterer” who said they could tile !

I was just trying to imagine how this so called tradesman felt whilst tiling this customers bathroom.  I cant imagine how he could look back on his days work and think “I`m very pleased with this, I could not have done it any better”

This is what we as good professional tilers often come up against when pricing jobs.  We are quoting against “multi-tradesman” who say they can tile!  The grouting was never started as the customer kicked him out of their home.

Unfortunately the customer did not have enough funds left to be able to employ a professional wall & floor tiler to put right.

As the saying goes “You are only as good as your last job” so ensure you take a look at their previous work, references and reviews and compare them our reviews

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Andy and Andrew, were among just a handful of tilers chosen to front the ad campaign, were picked for the role because of their professional reputation.
A father and son are making their name in the world of tiling – as the faces of a national advertising campaign.

Andy Carroll and son Andrew, from Manchester tiling firm Andy Carroll and Son Tiling Ltd, are the stars of a series of adverts for Schluter-Systems which makes more than 8,000 tiling products.

The adverts, for the companies new innovation work- shops which focus on training for tile specialists, will be published in a range of trade magazines from this month.

When devising the campaign we were keen to include testimonial comments from and images of some of the best tilers in the business.

Both Andy and Andrew are great examples of how an on going commitment to training can lead you to great success. Carl Stokes, divisional manager at Schluter-System

Andy and Andrew tested out one of the workshops during a trip to Leicestershire for the photo shoot. Andy said:

We were flattered to be asked to take part in this campaign by Schluter-Systems Ltd and thoroughly enjoyed our time there

The photo shoot was good fun and we can’t wait to see our- selves in some of the leading trade magazines. I’ve never done anything like this before but you never know where it might lead!

Continuous learning and development enables us to tender for more jobs in the area and broadens our level of expertise and experience, which in turn gives increased confidence to our customers. You can never have too much practical training.

Find out more about Schluter-Systems’ innovation workshops at