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Mould Prevention


We know how deflated you can feel when that nuisance mould appears in your bathroom, shower or wet room. This is mainly caused by moisture and poor ventilation.  Also, organic deposits in the form of body care products which are used are also the problem such as shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and also scurf (skin).

Primary Attack
The mould initially grows in the organic deposits on the surface of the sealant
Secondary Attack
After a while the mould starts to grow into the sealant
Prevention requires circulation & ventilation

Windows should be opened fully during and after having a bath or shower.  This can also depend on the time of year on how long you need ventilation.   For example, in the summer months you would need to leave your windows open longer for at least 30 minutes and in the winter months for at least 15 minutes.

Bathroom Tiler recommends to rinse the silicone joints briefly with the shower after using your bath/shower and to dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

A pH neutral cleaning agent should preferably be used for the regular cleaning work of your bathroom.

Acid cleaning agents are less suitable because mould multiplies in an acid environment.  It is also recommended to clean the silicone joints once a week with a disinfectant sanitary cleaner.

As a preventative measure every 1 – 2 months use an Anti Mould spray on your silicone joints.

If you require any further guidance please to not hesitate to contact us at Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited

…happy cleaning !