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Another Happy Customer

Great to get such lovely feedback from a great customer…

“Andy Carroll and Son laid a technically complicated floor to my kitchen & conservatory requiring complex ‘strengthening and levelling’. This floor used ‘Fired Earth’ encaustic tiles and easily weighed a finished 1/3rd of a ton when completed.

The result is fantastic; the geometry of pattern, perfect!! Their attention to preparation was fastidious and millimetre perfect using ‘laser’ technology for a perfect fit.

Andy & his son Andrew, were always punctual, put a solid six long days into the task, and finished ahead of time before Christmas. Cheerful banter between them made supporting their task a pleasure. Clinically clean & tidy after every session, I can confidently assert they are the very best of tiling specialists.


Patrick Oates
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We have gone ECO

ECO & Moggy
Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Ltd have gone ELECTRIC & Eco Friendly

The moggy has served it`s purpose but over the past 7 years it has become more apparent that I am now carrying a lot more and Tiler Manchester has had a re-think. The appeal that my little work horse has had over the years has been incredible.

Alas, it is now time for something new for Tiler Manchester. We have decided to go ELECTRIC!! Yes you all gasp !  I have to plug in /charge my new van, that’s right I hear you all say, I need to plug the beast in.  No petrol or diesel costs, no road tax, fantastic for the environment too and when I am on business in London there are no congestion charges to pay either.  Happy days ……. this keeps the tax man happy and cheaper for customers too !

Keeping with the traditional artwork from the Morris Minor, we emulated the same onto the new Nissan eNV200,  but still keeping the old faithful for estimating as the moggy appeal is still loved by many previous/potential new customers and the general public too.

Out with the old and in with the new
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A Guide to Tiling in Victorian Style

Opulence, romance and excess; these are the main features of the Victorian style that has long been a favourite of designers and DIYers looking to add a dash of class to their interior spaces. Today it remains as popular as ever, and there’s even something of a revival movement going on, combining the style’s characteristic opulence with some of the minimalism of more modern designs.

Tiling on both the wall and floor has long been a hallmark of the Victorian tradition, with elaborate patterned tiles being used to create alluring feature sections, or brightly-coloured flooring helping to produce the style’s characteristic flamboyance. It’s something that tends to sit well with the utilitarian nature of Victorianism too; easy to clean and simple to maintain.

In the hallway, black and white checked patterns have proved to be a favourite classic with many homeowners looking to imitate the traditional Victorian look, while interwoven designs and the simpler red quarry ranges are also a popular choice. Victorian hallway tiles have also been favoured for their durable nature and ease of maintenance, providing homeowners – both modern and Victorian – with an easy-to-clean surface that lasts once it’s down.

Decorative borders and patterned tiles are also used in the kitchen and bathroom, and are becoming a mainstream choice for splash backs and feature sections. If you’re thinking about emulating the Victorian style in this way, consider opting for a porcelain range, which will generally offer more water resistance than ceramic tiles, making it better suited to high-traffic and consistently wet areas.

Today there are a great number of classic buildings across the UK that stand as testimony to the enduring character of the Victorian style, its distinct architectural nuances and interior design charm. In London for example, the St. Pancras railway station oozes with gothic revivalism from the 1860s, while the tiled interior of Manchester’s Great Town Hall still rings of both elegance and utilitarianism; a wonder for any modern Manchester tiler to behold!

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About Andy Carroll Tiling

Why use a professional tiler?

Benefits of a professional tiling service

Since we have owned and operated a professional tiler service, operating throughout the Manchester area for many years, here are some of our thoughts on the subject:

A professional tiler provides the finishing touch to any commercial or domestic property.

At Andy Carroll & Son Tiling we –

• accurately estimate time required to do the job.

• recognise the type of tile and quantities required – no repeated trips to the tile store…

• are trained and qualified in the correct tiling sequence…

• know how to correctly lay all manner of tiles including ceramic, mirror, natural stone, porcelain, marble tiles, tile trims and more…

• prepare for every tiling job professionally, ensuring all surfaces are dry, straight and sound before starting the tiling work and then map out the tiling sequences meticulously.

• have the experience to know what the finish will look like. As a result we can offer advice. Size, shape, colour and style of tile all needs to complement each other as well as the style, shape and size of the room.

• only use professional tiling materials that will maximise the quality finish, durability and professionalism of the job.

• have all the best and most effective tiling equipment and products including knives, cutters, adhesives, grouting and measuring equipment.

• Work in all kinds of properties. Whether old or new properties tiling can be difficult to get right due to quirks of walls often not being level, pipes and other difficult obstacles. For the amateur tiler this can be especially difficult to ensure the tiling job is finished expertly. A professional tiler from Andy Carroll Tiling will navigate all these little difficult areas of the tiling job and make sure the tiling results are professional, straight and aligned creating an overall lovely effect for your home or commercial premises…

For a good result you need a professional tiler with professional skills using professional equipment. If you are seeking a professional Manchester area tiler, why not give Andy Carroll Tiling a try?

Whether it be a brand spanking new wall tiling or floor tiling job, hallway tiling, kitchen tiling or bathroom tiling, or even grout restoration tiling repairs or other improvements to existing tiling, enlisting our professional tiler service will save you time and money

We offer very competitive rates and guarantee professional results every time. We take a great pride in our work as our testimonials confer.
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Why not email us for a free quote or telephone now and find out how we can add a touch of class to your new tiling project?